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Posted by ankitbhardy on October 16, 2008

Music is honestly on of the hardest things to enjoy on the internet. If we go on youtube, watch some music video or some fan compilation, the quality isn’t that good. If we go to the band’s myspace, the page takes AGES to load and they don’t have any of their old songs. iTunes provides 30 sec clippits while sites like and are just two commericialised to use. What we need is a decent search engine that does take up any time to load and that delivers your song with the capability of making a playlist. Also a music reccomendation site won’t hurt.

  • Songza – Truly what a music search engine should be. Clean concise and good quality. Load times are quick and there is a wide vareity of songs. This website also allows us to make playlist with the songs cataloged on this website thus allowing us to make a playlist and leave it instead of searching for every song.
Songza has a very cleab interface and recently added a youtube plugin, thus you can seatch you’re youtube videos from right over here If we click on the song the menu that you see pops us thus enabling us to play the song, add it to our playlist etc.
Songza, for me, is the youtube for songs. In some cases it is youtube.
Another website for music searching is mixturtle, however it doesnt have an as big catalog as songza.
Is more of a tech-demo than a music search website but its fun nonetheless. You select the mood you’re in (Dark, Happy, Energetic, Calm) or the Dance mode you’re feeling in (+/- Tempo etc) and than musicover forms a sort of song-map for you and plays them in order of what it thinks are correct. You can switch on and off your genres to make its a more ‘you’ kinda playlist. Intresting nonetheless and its free music.
Very very useful site if you want to hear new bands similar to bands you like. Just type in a band and makes a never-ending(seemingly) playlist for you on bands that sound similar . Very useful and very easy to use. Also has suprisingly good taste.
  • If you don’t like indie music you don’t have to read this bit, but if you appreciate a good song by a band no one knows about check out these sites
  • Indieball These guys have impeccable taste. Every time they find a band i like them. They provide free downloads to the songs the feature and album artwork. Amazing site for anyone with a good taste in unknown music. This website is soo indie, it doesnt even appear on google.
Indieball is a blog so you gota scroll down to find the songs, but when you do i am sure you’ll be surprised
This basically sifts through most of the music blogs and finds the hottest music out there. Great stuff here if you want to litsen to the newest stuff on the market. A good selection of genres and a great site format. Hypemachine also has a search tool for easier usage.
  • Remember that song you know the tune about yet you just can remember then name. Well in comes midomi. It has an average music reccomendation section but provides an excellent tune. Just hum your song into the mike and it will give you a list of possible songs. You can even get this on you iPhone!
I did a rudimentry test and yea i hummed Snow (RHCP) 5 times into the midomi search. 4/5 times it was in the list while once it was in the top 3. Not bad and it is as fun as song-tapper
  • My last point is more of a tip. You know that song on your new favourite band’s myspace that you love, and its not on limewire, and its not on torrents and its not out in stores yet and its not availible for download. And you REALLY want that song on your iPod or computer and there is no way to gettit. Well now there is. File2HD
This is probably the ugliest site i will EVER put on my blog but its works extremely well
Copy and paste the URL into the text bar and select the filter(basically what you’re searching for) and than hit  ‘Get Files’. In a matter of seconds the files come up and you get to download den wid a simple right click. Extremely useful even for youtube videos ( if you’re not using downloadhelper for firefox of course)
  • Grooveshark – my newest find. Easy to use, effecient and looks good. I havent really used it but i am throwing it out there just try it out and see how you like it


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