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Why Firefox? Why?

Posted by ankitbhardy on October 13, 2008

Ok firstly i didnt mean my first post to be demeaning.It was just a harsh outtake of the usage of the computer and i am sure all you guys use the internet and/or computer much more than i stated. That was an example of a below average user, and I am sure you guys use it much more than that.

Well you may be asking why should I download Firefox when I have Safari or Internet Explorer.

Firefox is

  • The Fastest (with some tweaks)
  • The most user-friendly (with some add-ons)
  • The most customizable (you can make it do what you want, and make it look like what you want)

Firefox is basically the foundation for a good internet user. And it all starts with the add-ons

These add-ons will enhance your internet experience by far, by increasing productivity and improving the media experience online.

This is the list of my favourite add-ons and for me ,make the internet so much better to use:-

  • StumbleUpon – The ulitmate internet usage tool. You give your preferences and when you ‘Stumble’ it takes you to a random website within your preferences. I use this tool everyday for atleast an hour. It unlocks the internet and shows you exactly what its potential is. You can also make it stumble through specific websites such as youtube and flickr if you’re in the mood to see some videos and/or photos of the preferences you have entered. Download it at –>

  • – Research tool that organizes all your research links into a simple database. Allows you to take notes and in some cases automatically downloads bibliography Download it @ –>

  • Stealther – If you’re doing something you don’t want to appear on your history, you just turn on stealther and you go into a mode where none of the files you get from the interent are stored on your computer. Very useful in some cases. No examples needed–>

  • Xippee – Makes google so much easier. Pretend you are searching for ‘Halo’ the ring around angels, yet when you type it on google all that comes up is a guy in a metal suit with a gun with the xbox logo behind him. Xippee allows you to omit the links that correspond to Halo the game thus making your search so much easier–>

  • Download Helper – Remember that video you liked oh so much on youtube. The life performance of the wombats?or that video where chuck norris roundhouse kicks everyone? Well now you can download that file easily with a click of a button with download helper–>

  • Blue Organizer – This makes it so much easier to search stuff on the internet. Pretend you are looking at a page on Johnny Depp or you’re favourite video-game. Blue Organizer recognizes this and makes it easier for you to search further pages on the same topic–>

  • UbiquityYou want to search a movie on imdb but are not bothered to go all the way up to the URL bar and type it in. Ubiquity makes it simple. Open Ubiquity by using key (Ctrl+Space for PC or Apple+Space for mac) and type in imdb [movie name]. It automatically searches it for you on a new tab. It also inserts maps in your email and searches various other sites including torrent searches and delicious.–>

  • TokBox – Very Very Very useful tool for all facebook users. Facebook is a great tool for communicating with friends but only recently added chat. With TokBox you can extend that functionality by adding video-chat to your facebook chat, thus making it extremely easy to video chat with friends. All you need is a webcam.

  • Coolris – One of my favourite. it displays all the photos in the page in a beautiful 3D environment and makes picture viewing on facebook,google and flickr soo much more fun. Its like cover-flow on mac but so much better. Probably the best app to look at out there. –>

Those are addons that will definetly help you in improving your internet experience and are a start on helping you use the internet to its potential capacity.

Firefox, I hope, will be your browser of choice because with it customizability (yup i invented a word) and simple user-friendly interface, it will make surfing the internet so much more enjoyable


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