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The Macbookies

Posted by ankitbhardy on October 16, 2008

Well firstly a comment on the new macbook. Beautiful, first comes to mind. A beautiful alumninum body. But you already know that. I want to talk about what the new graphics card means. The 2 gb RAM mean. The 2.0 GHz means. 


Good All Steve Jobs donning the Apple uniform

Good 'old 'Steve Jobs donning the Apple uniform

RAM for those who don’t know is like a mini hard-drive. It is so that the computer doesnt have to go all they way back and search the hard-drive for the file you’re using when it can search a much smaller RAM. gHz is just the unit of how fast the computer processes information

Well currently running 256 RAM and 1.6 gHz. 256 RAM is honestly nothing compared to the 2GB of the entry level macbook such as the 1.6 gHz compared to 2.0 gHz or the 2.4 gHz Yet i can run iTunes, Firefox (on facebook and another tab searching images), skype(chat), msn messenger and photoshop. Though it jerks a little from time to time hangs for a couple of seconds. I get my work done. I end up finishing my designs. Litsening to my new album, chatting with my friends from around the world and surf the internet. All of us use the computer, on a day to day basis on the same level so a 2gb ram and a 2.0 gHz will be perfectly fine for our work.

However when we move into the realm of the 2.4 gHz and the 4 gb RAM we reach a whole new level of computing. Unless you are going to be editing videos with After Effects while running Boot Camp and using all of the other normal apps, 4gb RAM isn’t really needed. However, if you have the money, 4gb RAM is a much better choice. You’re computer will run considerably faster but you won’t feel any slow down if you just use the basic macbook for basic programs

Overall the macbook contains an awesome piece of software and an awesome(r) piece of hardware. Great processing power and a much better graphics card to back it up with, the macbook is honestly a steal. But in the time of economic turmoil, really everything is…


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