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Blog Action Day(B.A.D)

Posted by ankitbhardy on October 15, 2008

You may see where this is going. A nice name. But with a uncanny way of spelling something sinister in its acronym. It’s all to Connery-era James Bondish for me and you. No i will not be talking about how the Blog Action Day is an evil axis of Villians aiming on ruiling the world by expecting all our super-spys’ to die. Or the fact the B.A.D actually is a Michael Jackson album(not the irony) or the British Association of Dermatologists(again note irony)

However on this holiest of days for bloggers, people actually attempt to do something. Make a change in the world, by writing something on the internet, for people who can’t even buy a $100 laptop…

This leads me to my point. Our message will not get down to the people living in poverty. They will not recognize Michael Jackson and laugh at the intricate pop culture reference. Of course not. All this will be is to make us feel better.

Than its really selfish isn’t it. This is just spending 5 minutes infront of our computer for eternal happiness of providing somepeople ‘good’. Well isnt all charity selfish. We are buying happiness for ourselves.

No blogger should be blogging, we should be actually helping people. (It is 9:10 Japan time so its acceptable for me to be writing this). Go help out in your local orphanage or the local homeless instead of writing something so that the 4th assistant to the Junior Senator of some random state will view during his coffee break and may/may not mention to his immediate superior on the debriefing of the day.

Blog Action Day shouldn’t be passive. It should be the day underprivelaged people are benefited from those who own over-priced computers

Also if you want to help me get a better computer dat wud be just amazing.I am running a benq joybook 7000. Yes let you’re jaw drop. I plan to get a macbook but a few extra-funds would make that a macbook-pro. and dont u just want ur blog to come at you at 10x the speed…This will be just one way to help the world…


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