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Would You Crank It? and a note on Ducks

Posted by simoncarden23 on October 14, 2008

Soulja Boy Off In This Hoe

In modern day society, there are many catchy and clever songs which becoming part of everyday life. Sometimes young children in school or youth groups may feel left out if the do not know a certain dance or the words to a popular song and for the rest of their school career they would be known as… ‘the boy/girl who would not crank it.’

Personally, I dance for pleasure and sometimes for pain but mainly for the entertainment of others. From The 15th October 2008 i will be conducting a test in the gaijin society within Japan. Members of the YIS community will be put under a test in which they will be asked to crank it in the form of the words ”Crank that Soulja boy, Now watch me”. If the subject who this section of song replies ”YOOOO” or moves his/her body from side to side in the correct action then he a tick shall be made next to his/her participant number. I aim to test 200 people using this curriculum in an attempt to find out if pupils are willing to fight the embaressment of looking silly/stupid/baka/innapropriate/crazy and allow them selves to show their true emotions and crank that soulja boy…

The test will conclude on November 23rd as it is my Birthday and the most suitable day to end the test on.

Many readers of this post may not have a clue what i am on about… for those unattractive/stupid/unpopular/nerdy/uncool/just gernerally silly people… you may wish to visit one of the following websites in order to further you knowledge of modern music:- and type in soulja boy, crank that etc. and type in the above.

(for those of you who use your computer for only the above sights as well as itunes, Keep fighting the evil Blog Admin who wishes to change your everyday life and mould society into one large computer nerded community. VIVA LA REVOLUTION.

On a brighter note, Ankit Bhardwaj’s piece on Robin asking what Batman will recieve from his parents is rather amusing and i do suggest that you should ch-ch-ch-check it out. (check it out, Beastie Boys)

Simon’s Weekly Supplement

As well as the experiment/inquiry into public knowledge or whatever you may wish to call it, i will be exploring one of many of the deeper topics in every day life.

This week i will explore this comment made by Uzbeki Tribal Leader Vladomos Kasmankas:

”Ducks within the northern region of Uzbekistan have become a threat to the American way of life and the American Dream. If voted in, All ducks shall be eradicated from the face of our beautiful nation in an attempt so solve the war on terror”

Ducks. Many of you see them as friendly pond dwelling mammals which you would feed spare bread to, take pictures of, take home as a pet or even for the select few, participate in sexual intercourse with. In previous occasions, the most horrific action that a duck may have taken against you would have been to do its dirty buisness (not ejaculation but the big number 2) on your foot or maybe in your hair or even in your chicken Mcnuggest barbecue sauce just before you take a dip and eat a lump of chicken covered in a brown, white delight. But recent activity in the northern section of Uzbeckistan has worried world leaders from the different corners of the world. If i could understand vietnamese i would have translated a peice of the recent speech by whoever there prime minister/president/leader which i saw on bbc news at 10. At first i was sceptical but as the video clip that followed showed a number of oversized ducks (4-23 approx) destroying a village in eastern texas. As the villages ran in terror, An Uzbeki Flag was dropped form the top of the famous Clifford and sons water tower. This can only be a negative sign of intentions from the terrorist extremists.

Untill next time. Much love and respect. Carden x


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