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Posted by ankitbhardy on October 13, 2008

While watching others using the computer, I feel privileged in a way. People ( Please don’t take offence if this doesnt include you, you are a person), in my opinion, use their computer upto 20% potential (i just came up with that number). They go online, log on to msn messenger, open internet explorer(or safari) and go to facebook. They sit there and speak to friends they normally talk to and browse some pictures of friends they normally see everyday and than log off and open a word document to finish the essay they’re writing. The internet browser is opened again to reveal Wikipedia, where the topic of the essay is also the topic of the article. iTunes runs in the background slowly playing Jack Johnson or Kanye West on repeat.

I have watched some people only visiting 5 websites in their trip to the land of the internet (wikipedia,facebook,google(including its links),youtube and hotmail) . That is like going to Disneyland to learn about mickey mouse, meeting with friends, trying to find the rides, watching some videos about mickey mouse and than sitting there and texting your friend who is next to you, while the entire time there is countless amount of rides around you..

On the desktop we only use few applications. The internet browser, iTunes, a video player, microsoft word and in some cases even Photoshop, so that occasionally you can put your face on your favourite band members head,or vice versa.(this example was for PC but for mac it isnt very different you just have iLife, Microsoft Office and again in some cases photoshop).

I attempt to help you use the computer more effeciently by presenting you more applications to work with on the computer which will increase your productivity ten-fold. I attempt to help you use the products you have more effeciently, by hopefully providing tips you already don’t know. I attempt to enhance your internet experience because harnessing the power of the internet is one of the most useful tools any one could ever learn.

If you’re in the blogsphere and/or are a prosumer this blog will be mostly a repeat for you but its my objective to ‘simply the overcomplicated’ for the general consumer around my age

P.S. You can start by downloading firefox at –>

P.P.S.I hope this is in no way inflammatory and if it makes me sound egocentric or narcissitical i am…lol no im kidding. ok that is just a paradox now. I am just tryin to help you guys ok!Also if you have any ideas please contact me and if you’re better den me, which many are (im a normal user) u have all right to take over….


5 Responses to “Purpose.Concept.Objective.”

  1. Anon said

    So.. we can take over if we’re better than you?

  2. kitman92 said

    well with your undying love for ‘runescape’ maybe not
    but if you show dedication and some what level of skill
    you can hop on as a writer

  3. Anon said

    Oh that, its just a really email add. I didnt bother changing it.
    And how would I display that level of skill and dedication? By commenting?

  4. kitman92 said

    Haha yea thats’ a way
    or you could send me a sample of your work on my email
    or tell your friends about this
    and when(if) this blog is big
    you will be accredited with the popularity of it in your specific region

  5. Anon said

    Sure, i’ll think about it.

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